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  • Frontend Control
  • Membership options
  • Customization


Our vendor dashboard provides vendors with an integrated frontend experience that blends seamlessly with your theme. Allow vendors to take control of their stores while you can focus on building the marketplace. Easily manage their products, orders and coupons and more.

Membership Addon

Membership allows you to create and sell membership plans to your vendors. Setting different limits for your vendors on what products they can sell. With the help of WooCommerce Subscriptions, you can now create your own membership-based marketplace.

Set different membership levels that your vendors can subscribe to and pay a monthly fee. The memberships can be customised and you can create as many different versions as you like.

Let Vendors Manage Their Stores

Control all areas of the vendor dashboard experience. Set which fields to show and which are required. Increase your quality control and ensure all products published have the required information. 

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